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Abenteuer Afghanistan DOKU – Im rauen und schwer passierbaren Gebirge des krisengeschüttelten Afghanistan wird einer der größten Schätze des Orients vermutet…

The Wish House and Other Stories

Rudyard Kipling, winner of the Nobel Prize in literature in 1907, has long been considered an important and vibrant, even controversial, storyteller and poet. The Wish House and Other Stories is a collection of Kipling”s finest works, including the stories In the House of Suddhoo, The Disturber of Traffic, and The Eye of Allah, the poems The Runners, The Return of the Children, and The Last Ode, and his famous story about Afghanistan, The Man Who Would Be King. Each piece was selected by poet and scholar Craig Raine, who writes in his Preface, We need to think about Kipling. He is our greatest short-story writer, but one whose achievement is more complex and surprising than even his admirers recognize.

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Another fight is brewing in the Republican Party, but this one doesn’t involve any RINO’s. This battle is between Bill Kristol and Ann Coulter, two icons of popular conservatism.

Bill Kristol is the founder and editor of The Weekly Standard. He was one of the co-founders of the Project for the New American Century (PNAC). He currently serves as a board member for Keep America Safe, the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, and the Ethics and Public Policy Center. In addition, Bill is a Director of the Foreign Policy Initiative. Bill Kristol is a serious conservative and not one to be messed with lightly.

Ann Coulter is far from an unknown. She doesn’t have the think-tank connections that Bill has, but she enjoys a larger audience due to her popular take-no-prisoners approach to political discussions.

Bill started this war by attacking Michael Steele, the chairman of the Republican National Committee. He did this in a Weekly Standard article titled A Letter to Michael Steele. In the letter, he asked Michael to resign his post as RNC chairman due to comments Steele made regarding the war in Afghanistan.

Steele’s comments were:

“Keep in mind again, federal candidates, this was a war of Obama’s choosing. This was not something that the United States had actively prosecuted or wanted to engage in. But it was the president who was trying to be cute by half by building a script demonizing Iraq, while saying the battle really should be in Afghanistan. Well, if he is such a student of history, has he not understood that you know that’s the one thing you don’t do, is engage in a land war in Afghanistan?”

Kristol leaped on these comments due to their potential to undermine the American commitment in Afghanistan. Comments like Mr. Kristol’s would ordinarily be politely ignored, but due to Bill’s intellectual leadership status among conservative thinkers, the GOP issued an official clarification “The chairman clearly supports our troops but believes that success of the war effort in Afghanistan requires the ongoing support of the American people. The responsibility for building and maintaining that strategy falls squarely on the shoulders of the president. Like so many Americans, Chairman Steele wants to hear an explanation from President Obama on what his strategy is for winning the war in Afghanistan. The Petraeus hearings were an opportunity – a missed opportunity – to do that. Instead, all we hear from the president is criticism of his predecessor for doing exactly the same thing.”

At this point, I thought the whole thing would blow over. Michael Steele’s term expires in January and he is unlikely to serve another term as chairman. Steele’s words were meaningful, but painfully misspoken. He was presenting a complex set of concepts that did not compress well into a short sound bite; this is a major faux pas in modern politics.

Ms. Coulter surprised almost everyone when she refused to let the matter drop. She penned an article for her blog titled Bill Kristol Must Resign. I went to Ann’s blog, expecting to absolutely hate the article. Instead, what I found was a thoughtful criticism of our continued efforts in Afghanistan that made me seriously worry about this administration’s ability to define a winning strategy for this conflict.

The reason we should all worry is highlighted in this quote, “In the entire seven-year course of the Afghanistan war under Bush, from October 2001 to January 2009, 625 American soldiers were killed. In 18 short months, Obama has nearly doubled that number to 1,124 Americans killed.”

Ms. Coulter’s entire argument is well worth reading. It’s not something that can be compressed into a sound bite or a brief except, so I won’t even try to do that. Part of being a conservative is willingness to research deeply into complex subjects and this is definitely a topic worthy of research.

So where do I stand? With Mr. Kristol or with Ms. Coulter? To be completely honest, I don’t know. I’d like to give General Petraeus an opportunity to get our mission in Afghanistan back on track after the complete screwup that McChrystal has made of the situation. This may be impossible while the efforts are being undermined by the Obama administration, but I think we have to give it a chance. Ms. Coulter makes a persuasive argument, but I’m not sure I’m ready to accept it at this time.

Brian Jones writes for Fort Liberty and New World Order Conspiracy.

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For the past few weeks we’ve been talking a lot about our On Demand product offering, and in my head I’ve had three words rattling around, Discover, Quote and Manage. This to me in three words sums up what we are trying to help IT service providers do, my opinion is that On Demand can be used not only as an ad-hoc support tool for those who infrequently request support but also for those IT service providers who are growing their customer base.


Most IT service providers when taking on a new client perform some sort of audit of the supported environment, it helps to not only understand the state in which the environment is in, what needs to be done to bring kit up to standard, and what can give the end users the best possible experience when using such kit minimising interruption to their work.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this could all be done at a click of a button? A full audit (hardware and software), oh and the ability to locate it! Life would be simpler.


Of course the ideal next step is to take that audit, and if you haven’t already transform your business model from break-fix to a managed service, after all you really don’t want to be running around fixing machines, and feed it into a Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool which will allow you to quote for providing services, manage your SLAs and importantly manage a deluge of tickets.

Imagine again if this was all automated, synchronised between the tools we use to run our business! Meaning that quoting for new business shouldn’t take a lengthy amount of time, which means winning the business is a breeze!


This is the cool bit, when you take what you’ve found and you show your customers IT some love. No longer will it be neglected and left to fail, cause interruption in users days, or downtime for the whole business. Providing the wonderful pro-active IT management should be simple too, not so complex to set up and shouldn’t be followed up by an over-complex deployment of over-cumbersome Remote Monitoring and Management or other such device management technologies which in theory we only need part of.

If only the solution you were using to support your customers allowed to you still to collect audit information, remotely support as and when it’s needed, and only use features such as monitoring and deployments for those critical devices, or again just when you need it. That would be the life huh?

You’re going to need On Demand…

If you haven’t already heard this is the one tool which will truly revolutionise the way you work… deploy out your first 250 devices for free, they will return an audit every 7 days giving you complete visibility, with remote support to every device thrown in too, you’ll get the first 10 hours every month for free. Not to mention you can also brand the agent as well, so every users knows exactly who is taking care of their technology.

The option to upgrade to the full product is a simple click away, and you’ll have monitoring, deployment and device management at your fingertips across some, or all of your estate – whatever you decided to upgrade.

For those of you who’ve scanned this post here are the bullets:

Free for the first 250 devices.
Easy to set-up and deploy.
Delivers centralized asset management, with information updated every 7 days.
Branded presence on every device (optional).
Remote support included, to every device.
Hardware and software inventory reports.

For more information on this and other topics go here

CentraStage is agent based Remote Monitoring and Management Software that allows you to easily manage as many devices as you need from any location.

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