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20 sixes by Afghanistan Cricket Team

20 sixes by Afghan cricketers.

Yurts or ‘Ger’, as they are called, signify a ‘living space’ that has been an important part of the Mongolian Tribal Culture and has existed for thousands of years in a number of nomadic tribes from India and Afghanistan. This is one of the most fascinating portable dwellings invented by man. Mongolian Yurts appears very similar to a circular tent and is believed to signify the entire universe. The roofs of these traditional Yurts are generally left open for natural ventilation and are covered only during harsh weathers. The best part about Mongol Yurts is that they are lightweight yet durable to resist extreme climatic conditions.

The interiors of these Yurts are done in a traditional manner with the cooking stove always placed at the center, with the northern side of the Yurt occupied by an altar and a shrine placed towards the south. These Yurts were conventionally used by the Buddhists who always sleep with their heads facing towards the shrine with an intention to pay respect to their god. Mongol Yurts are also designed keeping in mind that the eastern side of the home belongs to the women while the western part to the men. Women generally sleep near the domestic goods while men occupy a place closes to the altar for resting purposes. The entrance area of a traditional Yurt is generally occupied by animals, servants and poor visitors. The doorway of Mongolian Yurts always faces the south.

In spite of the fact that these days’ yurts are available in a variety of modern designs and features, there are many who still prefer living in a traditional Mongolian Yurt as compared to the latest ones. These people are those who are fond of living the simple way of life, being close to the nature. Today yurts are available with a Spartan design with a few alterations. Mongol Yurts which were initially used exclusively within Central America but has gained a worldwide popularity in the past few years.

If you are looking out to purchase a Mongolian Yurt with a traditional or Modern design, make sure to research the internet for the same. This would not only help you in getting relevant information about reputed Yurt sellers but additionally provide you with all details related to their varying rates. Latest Yurts have been designed with modern styling and has a combination of both traditional as well as modern styling.

Find more information on the Mongolian Yurt at the author’s website. There you’ll find everything about Yurts from plans to building guides.

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Yurts have existed in the tribal and nomadic culture of Mongolia, India and Afghanistan since thousands of years. These portable structures used for accommodation purposes have gained immense popularity not just as a general living arrangement but also amongst campers across the world. The appearance of Yurts is very similar to a tent but is comparatively sturdier, spacious and convenient, which is precisely the reason why more and more campers have started to explore a variety of Yurts in different styles and designs.

Yurt Camping allows people to get the feeling of being in close proximity to the nature, and at the same time feel protected from the harsh climatic conditions as well. The structures of Yurt Homes are very similar to the pre-historic tribal shelters. They include a wooden base and are manufactured by several technologically enhanced materials these days. Although most Yurt homes may appear weak and conventionally designed, they are very sturdy and cost efficient. The most striking features of Yurt Homes is a special kind of insulation which protects the structure from harsh climatic conditions and a powerful rooftop with skylights that adds up to an amazing experience of living in this beautifully built houses.

Yurts are available in their traditional style as well as with a personalized modern touch. Nature lovers who often love to spend their time vacationing in unique geographical destinations, always prefer yurt camping more than any other kind of portable living accommodation. These innovatively constructed camping yurts provide ample living space for any number of people as they are available in large as well as small sizes. Thus, no matter how sizeable your camping group is, you can still feel comfortable during accommodating in Camping Yurts. The fact that Yurt Homes are created by utilizing environmentally friendly materials makes them even more desirable for many who wish to be in close contact with nature. Always ensure that you buy Camping yurts after a thorough inspection about their quality and your specific requirements so that they can be put to their best use for a long time to come.

Yurt Camping can be undertaken at several campgrounds in Canada and United Sates. A little bit of research about this on the internet will provide you with essential information. You can also choose a Yurt Camping destination through the word of mouth from people who have already camped at specific locations. Ensure that you undertake all necessary measures for safety while yurt camping in terms of carrying essential tools and equipments for setting up the yurt and additional requirements for your stay. Also be sure to get complete information regarding the area code for yurt development and use.

For more information on Yurt Camping, visit the author’s Yurt Homes website.

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Torture and Truth

Since the attacks of September 11, 2001, officials of the United States … from Bagram in Afghanistan to Guantanamo in Cuba to Abu Ghraib in Iraq, have been torturing prisoners, writes Mark Danner. This is a simple truth, well known but not yet publicly admitted in Washington. The torture was essentially given institutional approval by the U.S. government, through memoranda from the President’s White House counsel, among others, opining that the Geneva Conventions need not apply to prisoners. In Iraq, at least three different interrogation policies were used. Many soldiers and outside organizations were aware of these torture sessions. Torture and Truth includes documents outlining acceptable interrogation techniques and reports revealing prisoner abuse and torture – including a memo signed by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld concerning Interrogation Techniques, the reports by Major General Antonio M. Taguba, and the report by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad. 20 color photographs are included.

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