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Deadly tornadoes caused the death of at least 125 people in Missouri; five prisoners were hanged in public in Iran; protesters demanded the resignation of President Saakashvili in Georgia; a roadside bomb explosion happened in Afghanistan, the eruption of the Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland and so on are some among the most impressive images last week.

Southern Sudanese authorities said on Friday, May 27 that more than 150, 000 people had fled Abyei after it was seized by the Northern army. North Sudanese armed forces have taken control of the disputed oil-rich boder territory of Abyei on Saturday. President Omar al-Bashir who is already being investigated for war crimes in Darfur, is now moving thousands of Arab herdsmen south into Abyei, backed by Sudanese army troops.

This photo shows a ruined house in the central Sudanese town of Abyei.

Jason Pugh found two rifles from his father’s house which was destroyed by the massive tornado hit Joplin, Missouri. It is regarded as the worst tornadoes to happen in the United States in over 60 years

Georgian riot police used tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons on Thursday to disperse hundreds of protesters demanding the resignation of President Saakashvili

An Afghan man sits besides his brother who was wounded after a roadside bomb explosion in the Panjwaii district of Kandahar, Afghanistan on May 24.

A Ukrainian paratrooper eats a live frog at a military base in the town of Zhytomyr, some 135 km to the west of Kiev on May 26.

The deadly tornadoes swept through the city of Joplin, Missouri on May 22 caused the death of at least 125 people

Five prisoners convicted of murder, rape, armed robbery and drug trafficking were hanged in public on May 26 in the city of Qazvin, northwest of the capital Tehran in Iran.

Iceland has closed its Keflavik International Airport following Saturday’s eruption of the Grimsvotn volcano which sent a plume of ash, smoke and steam 12 miles into the air.

A newborn baby listens to music played through earphones in Saca Hospital in Kosice, Slovakia. The hospital’s doctors believe that this way can help babies gain weight, reduce stress and handle birth pains better.

A prisoner stands in his cell at the Orange County jail in Santa Ana, California on May 24

Weekly Impressive Images from May 23, 2011: Grimsvotn eruption in Iceland 

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The War in Afghanistan

The War in Afghanistan

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Soviet Afghanistan War 1979 – 1989.

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Onions and their importance

Liliaceous onion plants known to man. Many believe that originally the western countries. But actually, it was originally installed in China. Chinese ancient books were written to the planted during the Tang Dynasty, and in India, Afghanistan, Greece and Rome. When I met with the Japanese, they were called onions.

Western people, such as onions, that they believe that the queen of vegetables. French say that he brings brilliant of all the dishes. For them, eating without the boring taste. Germans think they will feel depressed, if you do not eat onions a day. More interestingly, an American general once said that the army can not think without onions. Currently, the yield of onion in America is the largest in the world. Obviously, onions play an important role in people’s lives.

Luke is not only a tasty vegetable, but also serves as a valuable medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine indicates that useful for disease prevention, such as colds, high blood pressure and various cardiovascular diseases. Able to detoxify and prevent infection. Incredibly, it helps hair growth. There are so many health functions, as well as many types of food. According to nutritional analysis, onion-rich protein, crude fiber, and sugar. In addition to these substances, vitamins and minerals are present. Furthermore, in citric acid, caffeic acid and several amino acids exist. The scientists suggest that the vegetables are especially effective when used to treat infected wounds and skin ulcers. Therefore, the Japanese champion of the elderly to eat an onion a day to prevent disease and slow the aging process.

Besides the tasks of medicine and health care, beauty products, this vegetable. Vitamin C in it, to resist a skin disease, and promotes the absorption of oxygen. Therefore, the formation of cells faster than usual, and the ability to repair reinforced. As resultArticle presentation, which is good for cleansing the skin. There is evidence that it can be done in masks. People can use such a mask and wash after 9:55 minutes. It’s easy to find that your skin will be smoother and less freckles and wrinkles on the face will be visible. He also said that washing hair with onion juice is an effective treatment dandruffs.

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F-15e Strike Eagle Units in Combat 1991-2005

The F-15E Strike Eagle has been at the center of every single conflict in which the US has been involved since 1990. This remarkable aircraft has repeatedly struck targets where no other Coalition, NATO or US fighter has been able to go, breaking records for combat endurance and effectiveness. In the last decade, the Strike Eagle has been consistently upgraded to accommodate the latest weapons and electronic equipment. This book provides a thorough study of this versatile strike aircraft, as well as exploring its role in Operation Desert Storm and, more recently, the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq.

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