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There are many ways for an American citizen to send his or her support to the American soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan, but perhaps the most popular one and the easiest one to perform is by giving out donations for the benefit of the US troops that are in service. This method of support is done by most citizens who are not in any way directly related to any US military soldier but wish to extend their support.

By donating to an army, one freely gives out either money or property that will help private and government institutions care for their troops. Unlike sending care packages where they are usually meant for a particular soldier that the sender knows, donors usually send their donations to those mentioned institutions who in turn help the US troops in general.

As a matter of fact, the sending of care packages, letters and other similar personal deliveries is significantly distinguished from donations in general because many organizations discourage the sending of unsolicited letters and care packages from people other than those whom these soldiers personally know such as friends and family for purposes of security of both the sender and the receiver.

With that aside, donating to the armies is easy when it comes to sending money. Most of the time, especially today, donors can easily access the internet where websites that represent charitable institutions are accepting donations via online payment solutions such as PayPal. Of course, since these things are done on the internet, donors must take care to avoid internet fraud by taking the basic safety and privacy measures when sending money online. They have to ensure that the website they are sending to is actually accredited by trusted authorities such as the US government and that they possess proof of authenticities which may come in various forms.

Donations can also come in form of kind such as canned goods, bed and linen ware and other things soldiers might need where they are living. This one is a bit trickier than sending money, but is relatively easy as well. Donors just need to be mindful as to what they send such that they won’t be sending anything soldiers probably won’t need at all. This is best done in response to actual requests from the website so that you’re sure what you send is what they need. Packaging guidelines as mentioned in these different websites should also be followed.

The government and other private institutions can only do so much to support the American soldiers and depend heavily on the generosity of its citizens, so making a donation not only properly but willingly as well can do so much than one can ever imagine.

Need Other Ideas? Check out the Top 10 Ways [] to Support Our Troops

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Do you find it simple to go forward? Absolutely not, it is actually in no way simple to get rid of the past years. Generally, accumulating strength to advance in this reality can be one of the toughest challenges that you’ve dealt with. It is absolutely typical as well as quality of man’s instinct, to wish to cling recognizable and also to keep away from the fresh new or unfamiliar. We’re beings of habit. Most of us choose to think tomorrow will be much like last week – despite the fact that yesterday was in fact agonizing. It can take guts to create hard decision to actually transform the way a person is living, what career person desires, as well as what people a person considers good friends.

Fascinating Sayings on the subject of Moving forward from a Past years

– Don’t be sad because it’s ended. Be glad just because it actually took place

* Life is really like operating any kind of motorbike. To make sure you hold your current stability it’s essential to continue to move.

* To let go does not imply giving up … this would mean moving ahead

* Strength is not really minimal amount of concerns, but basically moving forward with self-esteem irrespective of concern.

— Awareness is finding out anything every day. Wisdom is to release some thing every single day

* Strength may be the ability to get rid of all the well-known

* Life will not be related to waiting for typhoon to pass … It is definitely about figuring out a way to have fun in rain.

— A few of us feel that actually holding on will make you tough, but at times it can be to release.

– Many of us may under no circumstances turn back the point in time, however we might wish to relive a cheerful point in time, or simply say goodbye only a single time, all of us under no circumstances are able to, simply because the rainfall of the time proceed to fall over

* The moment 1 entry closes a second doorway slides open; nevertheless most people gaze so very long toward the actual closed doorway, that any of us usually do not find out entrance that will open up before us

— We have to be completely ready to forget about the particular everyday life we have now thought out, so as to settle for life this really is expecting us

I hope you enjoyed each of these quotes! They may come to be very helpful each time you come to feel poor.


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If there is any group of men and women who have deserved bonuses over the last seven years, it has been the Soldiers who have served during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And during that time, particularly in specialties that the Army puts a high value on, reenlistments bonuses have been generous, yet as the year draws to a close, the Army has announced that there will be cuts starting on Dec. 31. 2008.

The Army reduced the number jobs qualifying for a bonus from 88 to about 63, according to Master Sgt. Patrick Johnson, in an interview with Stars and Stripes newspaper. The decision also means that the total amount of bonuses that all Soldiers receive will be reduced as well.

Army officials say there is no connection between the move to slash bonuses and the global recession.

“We’re trying to ramp down from the highs that we had in ’05 and ’06,” Lt. Col. Thomas Erickson told Stars and Stripes. “It’s an unpleasant subject when you’re talking about what you’ve taken off, and really, at the end of the day, what really is driving the train is we have to live within our budget.”

While this is certainly not welcome news for the Soldiers, there are still numerous benefits that Soldiers can look forward to when they stay in the Army. And one of the biggest bonuses for Soldiers is increased support and education opportunities for both Soldiers and Army spouses.

Last year Army leaders signed the Army Family Covenant as part of an effort to help support Army families and Army spouses as the Army dealt with the strain of long and frequent deployments. The Covenant aimed, in part, to address the education obstacles that Army spouses faced. In that vein, efforts have been made to help military spouse have more access to education and career opportunities.

Soldiers who stay in the Army also retain their eligibility for Army Tuition Assistance, which provides Soldiers with $ 4,500 a year in education funds that they can use to study at the school of their choice. Soldiers are free to enroll in accredited online educational programs in addition to traditional school programs.

And whenever we are speaking of Soldiers and benefits, it’s important to stress that Soldiers do not make decisions about leaving or staying in the service based solely on money. Soldiers and their families believe deeply in the value of service to one’s country; and though financial matters play a part, they are never the sole factor.

Bonus money and health care benefits can never explain why a Soldier chooses to spend two, three or sometimes four combat tours in the Middle East, often at the expense of seeing their children grow up. This is why more efforts like the Army Family Covenant and the expanded GI Bill benefits are so important – they in some small way express a country’s gratitude for the sacrifices of these Soldiers.

During this Christmas season (and beyond) Americans can show their support for the Soldiers by sending cards, gifts and snacks to those stationed abroad. And they should remember that even with reduced bonuses, America’s Soldiers will always step up and serve their nation.

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