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The Soldier’s Wife

Trollope illuminates an experience shared by millions of people: a soldier’s return to family life causes three generations of a family to struggle with the impact of war on their relationships.

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Separate and Dominate

An examination of how mainstream feminism has been mobilized in support of racist measuresFeminist Christine Delphy co-founded the journal Nouvelles questions f?ministes with Simone de Beauvoir in the 1970s and became one of the most influential figures in French feminism. Today, Delphy remains a prominent and controversial feminist thinker, a rare public voice denouncing the racist motivations of the government?s 2011 ban of the Muslim veil. Castigating humanitarian liberals for demanding the cultural assimilation of the women they are purporting to? save,? Delphy shows how criminalizing Islam in the name of feminism is fundamentally paradoxical. Separate and Dominate is Delphy?s manifesto, lambasting liberal hypocrisy and calling for a fluid understanding of political identity that does not place different political struggles in a false opposition. She dismantles the absurd claim that Afghanistan was invaded to save women, and that homosexuals and immigrants alike should reserve their self-expression for private settings. She calls for a true universalism that sacrifices no one at the expense of others. In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, her arguments appear more prescient and pressing than ever.

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Great Falls

One brother home from war. The other desperate to save him. A gripping journey together to the river’s end. Shane has always worshiped his big brother, Jeremy. But three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan have taken their toll, and the easy-go-lucky brother Shane knew has been replaced by a surly drunk who carries his loaded 9mm with him everywhere and lives in the basement because he can’t face life with his wife and two small children. When Jeremy shows up after Shane?s football game and offers to take him to the family cabin overnight, Shane goes along? both to get away from a humiliation on the field and to keep an eye on Jeremy, who?s AWOL from his job at Quantico and seems to have a shorter fuse than ever. But as the camping trip turns into a days-long canoe trip down the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers, Shane realizes he?s in way over his head? and has no idea how to persuade Jeremy to return home and get the help he needs before it?s too late. In a novel at once gripping and heartbreaking, Steve Watkins offers a stark exploration of the unseen injuries left by war.

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An Mi-35 attack helicopter operated by the Afghan National Army Air Corp at Kunduz Airfield Northern Afghanistan Poster Print (17 x 11)

An Mi-35 attack helicopter at Kunduz Airfield, Afghanistan. was reproduced on Premium Heavy Stock Paper which captures all of the vivid colors and details of the original. The overall paper size is 17.40 x 11.60 inches and the image size is 17.40 x 11.60 inches. This print is ready for hanging or framing. Brand New and Rolled and ready for display or framing. Print Title: An Mi-35 attack helicopter at Kunduz Airfield, Afghanistan. Paper Size: 17.40 x 11.60 inches, Publisher: StockTrek Images, Artist: Terry Moore/Stocktrek Images.

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