Do you all remember when President Bush met with President Putin at his ranch in Crawford Texas? Do you know what they were talking about at the time? I do, and was told this by one of my sources. It turns out that President Putin gave President Bush the secret access codes to the satellite RFID trackers, that were installed in the three nuclear submarines that it sold China. Anytime one of those submarines gets any closer than 200 feet from the surface of the ocean, the United States military satellites can track them.

The system works very ingeniously, it requires three different frequencies codes coming in simultaneously to trigger the transmission. This way the Chinese can never find these hidden transmitters inside their own submarines. This way no one who is on the submarine or tries to find these devices can discover their location, as they are embedded in the actual metal structure of the submarine.

Interestingly enough, secret sources tell us that one of those submarines no longer has a working transmitter, because all the transmitters on that sub failed. This shouldn’t surprise anyone because those old Russian nuclear submarines are junk anyway, they are death traps and cannot get out of their own way. Chinese sailors are often afraid of such duty assignment, but are afraid to admit it for fear of reprimand.

Nevertheless, luckily the Chinese do not know which one of their submarines is no longer trackable, only the United States military knows that and they are giving that information away. The Chinese have long suspected that there must be some type of transmitter device inside of these vessels, but until now they couldn’t prove it. The cat is out of the bag now and the Chinese do know that the Russians tricked them when putting these devices into those submarines.

In fact, the Russians have put Secret locator transmitters into their fighter planes that they have sold China, and other weaponry they have sold China over the years. The Chinese may be able to take apart the Russian fighter planes and find these transmitter devices, although the Russians were very careful to put them in different places on each aircraft making it almost impossible for them to be discovered, in some cases they were molded inside the wing spar of the aircraft itself, and the only way to find it is to take the wing spar off the airplane, cut it into many pieces, and then replace it.

The Chinese think of the Russians are their friends, and the Russians often talk a good game, but obviously the Russians care more about themselves than they do their Chinese customers. In fact, I was rather surprised at all the global media political rhetoric coming out of the BRIC Conference recently in Russia, especially considering what the Russians say about the Chinese behind their backs. It’s amazing that the followers of Sun Tzu would be so naive, and so trusting of the Russians. Please consider all this.

Lance Winslow – Lance Winslow’s Bio. Lance Winslow cannot reveal his secret sources, but welcomes you to use your high-speed internet to look up all the details.

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