This is a question which only time will answer but I personally believe that it will. Another question which I believe will have an effect on this is the degree to which the Egyptians align themselves with Western democracies. The reason that I say this is that Western countries are the best democratic examples that the Egyptians can possibly follow during this time of upheaval and renewal but since President Mubarak was a Western ally and hated by most of the Egyptians they may look at Western democracy in a negative light. In addition the Egyptians are located in an area which is rife with radical Islam. Radical Islam opposes most pro Western values and the Egyptian Government may choose to appease radical Islamic organizations by adopting their anti Western stance and policies.

The Egyptians have done an excellent job of shaping a new government since they forced President Hosni Mubarak to resign. They have successfully set up a model for government and avoided any power plays in the process which would have nullified their efforts. I for one was mildly surprised when I witnessed the apparent ease with which they reestablished their new government. This is an indication to me that the Egyptians are resilient enough to adapt and overcome any circumstances which would hinder them from successfully forming their new government.

The period of formation will certainly be a time of testing for the new government but all indications are that it will succeed with flying colors. There are some advantages that they have over the newly formed governments of Iraq and Afghanistan. The first is that Egypt is an established power in the Middle East, and has been for many years. It is an Islamic country but radical Islam is not quite as influential there. It has a stable government and economy, and has not been ravished by recent wars as have Iraq and Afghanistan.

President Mubarak had out many procedures in place which severely limited any opposition to his authoritarian rule over the country. These turned out to be good for the new government because they served to help to prevent a take over from any incumbent politician or warlord. They also served to provide stability for the existing government while it is in its stage of transition. Egypt doesnt have any real enemies powerful enough to pose a threat to its existence. There is no Taliban or al-Qaeda threat significant enough to pose problems. It also has established control over all of its territory as unlike the Iraqis and the Afghans.

Naturally there is a lot of hard work ahead for the new Egyptian government but keep in mind that it did not go through a total catastrophic failure as did the governments of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The problem that the US will have to consider is that of how much of an ally will the Egyptians become. They may attempt to please the radical Islamic voices and show their anti Americanism in order to gain favor, however I dont feel that this will be the case. There were probably many policies which were put in place during President Mubaraks reign which cant be taken away without negative consequences for both nations. It also wouldnt be a good idea for any new government to snub the United States or any other powerful nation when their support can be a major benefit to your existence. Military Ring Express

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