9 years ago, NATO began military operations in Afghanistan. Today, people are more pessimistic evaluation of the war. Afghanistan faces many problems to be solved, the international community could do nothing. In this case, the various stakeholders need to introduce new ideas, but so far, they did not sort things out.

Shayu anti-terrorist coalition in Afghanistan is mainly due to its lack of urgent need to achieve a clear understanding of political objectives. Not only that, it even do not know how to solve these problems with the global trend of the current situation and the situation in Central Asia linked. All these foreign countries carries its own objectives and requirements, and often not based on the needs of the region, or even out of line with the call of the international system, but only out of consideration for their own internal affairs.

In fact, we can feel the pulse of the war in Afghanistan to the international system. Currently, the major powers have lost control of the right of the international situation, it touches on the influence of regional powers come from behind. If in the past, the small country has been led by the nose by large countries, and now, the situation has changed dramatically occurred. Has a strong military and economic power of large countries and small countries are increasingly constrained by regional conflicts.

In most of the world, the new political contours are formed. Borders will change, new country, in contrast, others have quietly disappeared, historical process is continued. Asia will not be out in the process. We have no good reason, concluded that Soviet-era administrative boundaries will be demarcated between the countries in Central Asia today, the stability boundary. Experience has shown that trying to maintain the status quo of a unified nation, and sometimes lead to disastrous consequences, causing heavy casualties, the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia is the most vivid lessons.

Should we use the idea to look at Afghanistan? In the country’s political and military trials will result in what kind of country? What is the first in Kabul? Is to maintain the national unity of Afghanistan, to ensure the integrity of the current layout, or to ensure national security, to stop the civil war? Is only for the presence of the Kabul government services or to combat drug trafficking? The current need to address the primary safety issues? If this can not reach a consensus to mention the most important threats facing the country’s decision was.

Easy to time shift the world, the growing influence of big powers and small countries depends on its ability to find a common language rather than its military might, depending on the extent to which regional issues involved. The world is a small country of the world, you Changba me play, they staged a victory lost, Revival of the Operas. Washington has been aware of it, began to deal actively with the regional power, in the form of conflict through non-direct, the other big countries squeezed out from the various regions. This is the geopolitical competition in the “reset” a method. Russia can not fall behind. Its allies in the post-Soviet area which should become the basis for building a global network of partners.

We should hit from the troubles in Afghanistan, NATO lessons learned. Currently, the new world is taking shape which, if a State does not actively participate in the process, but high above, looking down at his country could be pushed into the edge of the political arena.

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