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bbc documentary about soldiers returning from the Afghanistan war and their mental health problems and the lack of care shown by the army and government.
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21 Responses to Afghanistan War Documentary Full Length US Military Documentaries

  • National Geo HD says:
  • Bman Chu says:

    Stupid fucking war. Absolutely pointless and no chance of victory. Why?
    Fucking monkeycunt george bush/cheney cabal. These poor men, such horror
    and trauma. So avoidable.

  • Mladen Sudarevic says:

    Gut wrenching story. I spent some time in Garmsir Province (Afghanistan)
    and have lost some good friends and Soldiers. I know exactly what these
    guys are going through. 

  • afgwaziriprincess kitty says:

    im afghan i want peace not war wish we all could live in peace rather than
    killing each other after all we are all humans and respect to those guys

  • Sarah Kim says:

    “they gave their today for your tomorrow”.

    Hope better procedures can be put in place for these men and women. 

  • LiFeI zFuBaR says:

    I feel for all you my brothers. It’s been almost 10 yrs since iraq and I am
    a combination of all three of you. 

  • fartunique says:

    I’m sorry to say to the last man – Running off to America isn’t going to
    solve your battle with PTSD.
    I ran from my problems in much the same way though nowhere near on as big a
    scale as you. I left my old area just outside of east London and
    relocated to the west country looking for a fresh start but when I look
    back at it, all I was doing was just running away, I’m now having
    counselling (CBT) and taking Citalopram, only just started but I’m sure
    when I say that this is what you should be doing I’m right, rather than
    just running from something that’ll always be in your head.

  • ndaba ncube says:

    Bravehearts!! i wish you all a full recovery, Its a shame soilders dont get
    the help or pay they deserve. I find it apalling that these guys have to be
    treated like they nobodies when they sacrifice their young lives,full of
    promise. Politics and polititians suck big time!!

  • julie mason says:

    i really hope you guys find a way through this mental tourture,so sorry for
    the lads that lost there lifes,my heart goes out to you all x

  • rossmorebaz says:

    we all should really respect these soldiers…. these lads are real heroes

  • Steve Cunningham says:

    A GOOD OFFICER a rare breed he cares.
    HALTY you cant run away from youre past learn to deal with it.

  • Lyndon Cook says:

    War = Operation mind crime.

  • KillerDiaguR says:

    these guys deserve the gov’t to pay for the best therapists money can

  • Dankalicious402 says:

    3/5 dark horse 2008-2009 miss my brothers 

  • Bob Ski says:

    Respect guys……

  • olly gaman says:


  • Jens Martens says:

    Brave? I’d rather say STUPID! Why don’t we put the members of parliament in
    a Chinook and send them over there. That’s what I call taking

  • 77musica says:

    oh come on, fuck, I am a US Marine and seen shit, but we love war, and I am
    cool, in fact I miss the Corps…pussies Brits…

  • Eric Blair says:

    God Bless them all. :D

  • Huong Pham says:
  • jamie rogers says:

    sad to think my brother is out there now :(

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