Afghanistan War Extreme Combat Video WARNING GRAPHIC

12 Responses to Afghanistan War Extreme Combat Video WARNING GRAPHIC

  • Light Artorias says:

    Personally, I think the twin tower attack was a setup to give us-the U.S.-
    legit cause to go into afghan. The twin towers were built to withstand and
    attack like that. And the building fell like it would of if it were a being
    demolished. If some one can point me to sources that suggest otherwise
    please do. R.I.P. 

  • major CONSTITIONALIST says:

    Last half isn’t war footage, just what corporate greedy assholes do to
    maintain their income.

  • BRUTALsniperO says:

    seriously a sad song for the twin towers? really after knowing that it was
    a cover up and your still going to respect what happened that day? people,
    good people not most but almost im sure died because you sheep are
    followers not leaders but anyone can stand up front of anyone else. to bad
    your elementary school never tough you this in america?!?!?!

  • Ali Aljibari says:

    Great video and fuck the terorists

  • dabossleverett96 says:

    your views on my country AND my views on your country are both completely
    created by the lies and propaganda of our leaders. the difference is, i
    accept that i’ve been lied to.

  • Mints S. says:

    Fuck that, show some fucking humanity.

  • bleushift says:

    woow amazing vid this one going into favorites thanks!

  • the1wayto says:

    a really well made makes you think for a second time and i love
    the ending image

  • rmj2n says:

    You pretty much robbed every combat video on youtube. But its still
    awesome. Nice work

  • jme915 says:

    if you want to stop violence maybe your country should do something like
    not increasing the military power and bombing villages back to stone age

  • acidtrippinracist says:

    I cried two of the most painful mantears in my life for the people of 911
    during this video. why cant we just stop the violence

  • JR21117 says:

    omg like the dead island trailer:(

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