ISIL blamed for Afghanistan attack

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has blamed ISIL for Saturday’s (April 18) suicide bombing in the eastern city of Jalalabad. Ghani condemned the attack as a “cowardly and heinous terrorist act.”…
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9 Responses to ISIL blamed for Afghanistan attack

  • Yo! Luis says:

    More peace and tolerance from the religion of Muhammad, When will this
    people realize the cancer of Islam is responsible for this ?!?! I guess
    not enough people have died as a result of this for them to question Islam,
    then I guess may it continue.

  • Documetaries HD Channel says:

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  • Gollsodia says:

    Damn! $6 a gram..? Shit, I wish I had family there. 

  • MAX LAWLESS says:

    Before the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, just 10% of the Worlds heroin came
    from the region as the Taliban were strict in policing it. Now, the CIA
    helps ship 90% of the Worlds heroin from the region. Go figure.

  • uddos slice says:

    who don’t want the afghan society stabilized?

  • Gollsodia says:

    Hey dude! Take the rag off your arm before you push the plunger. You’re
    going to ruin your veins. 

  • nasser d says:

    i honestly believe the elite allow this filth on our streets, because it
    keeps people down. we die younger and faster, as for afghanistan the opium
    trade exploded after the invasion. they managed to overthrow the taliban
    that russia failed at. yet they cant stop peasant farmers. if we brought
    our pharmaceutical opium from the afghan farmers, instead of paying 20-30
    times as much to grow it here it would destroy the illegal trade. these
    farmers get pennies we could boost there economy and save billions in the
    west. the wars that have been fought over this filth the pain and utter
    despair heroin causes across the world is unbelievable

  • Michael Meyer says:

    Where is now HELP from Americans, Russians or Europeans ?!


    “At the Takiwasi Center, Peru, it is proposed that the pathology of drug
    addiction inevitably implies more than simple physical intoxication or
    psycho-affective problems. Within the context of healing rituals with
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    psychological, and spiritual dimensions simultaneously. For this reason,
    this traditional Amazonian treatment has the potential to offer a solution
    to the problem of addiction. The Western approach, however, often denies
    the sacred or the spiritual, resulting in a tendency to confuse extreme
    psychedelic experiences with spiritual experiences. In this paradigm,
    psychoactive plants are more often used to facilitate psychotherapeutic
    processes rather than to open a door to a genuine relationship with the
    spiritual world. In our intervention, we propose criteria for discerning
    between the psychological and spiritual dimensions, and for transitioning
    from one dimension into the next”…


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