Soviet Afghan War : Documentary on the Decade Long War in Afghanistan (Full Documentary). 2014 The documentary you will see here along with the other documen…
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7 Responses to Soviet Afghan War : Documentary on the Decade Long War in Afghanistan (Full Documentary)

  • Entertaining America says:

    Atleast the Soviets knew who the true enemies where…. Whilst we try to be
    all nice and kind to people who have never known civilization.

  • DORC101 says:

    Man these mullahs are so retarded…

  • ang sikip says:

    USA and russia competiton as superpowers cost millions of innocent
    lives.USA says they want to eliminate all threats to humanity but they
    themselves are the biggest threat. they posses most number of atom bombs
    and other weapon of mass destruction… they want to make other people bow
    down to what they want and give them peace. they want to be the master and
    everyone else are slave. then comes PEACE

  • ToviTovi says:

    I can’t help but be irritated how the leaders of my country, the US, keep
    making the same mistakes over and over under the guise of “promoting
    freedom and democracy.”

    It’s sickening.

  • Wilhelm VonRoefelz says:

    So the Americans preferred Islamic fundamentalism to Communism and
    kickstarted the movement that would eventually commit 9/11. What goes
    around comes around and the same thing is happening in Syria today. God
    only knows what the backfire from this will be…

  • ben wade says:

    Name one peaceful fundamentalist Islamic country/state. Name one. You
    can’t can you?

  • capnhands says:

    The Taliban were one of the many Mujahadeen tribes we assisted during the
    war against the Soviets. The tribes even sometimes fought each other when
    they weren’t fighting the Soviets. The Taliban came into power after the
    Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan and the country had a civil war with all
    the Mujahadeen tribes fighting each other for control of the country.

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