US Marines Kandahar Afghanistan Intense Firefight (helmet cam)

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In Guns For Hire: Afghanistan, former war reporter Sam Kiley investigates the shadowy world of the modern soldier of fortune. Copyright: Jim Foster, Claudio …

40 Responses to US Marines Kandahar Afghanistan Intense Firefight (helmet cam)

  • Luke Meme says:

    Imagine if they had cameras like this in Vietnam

  • Adam Rosseau says:

    Supressing a car with small arms from over 1000yds?? Are you stupid thats a
    fucking waste of ammo you might as well just sit there and save that shit
    for when they get close!

  • Douglas Newell says:

    U.S.Marines at Kandahar Afghanistan Intense Firefight
    (Helmet camera) If you are using earphones turn them down. Very loud.” 

  • lance chastain says:

    he doesn’t even know what a Marine Looks like…..

  • Johnn Dea says:

    I really, really pray that this country can make it, with all of the
    American blood that has been shed here but honestly…….. I just can’t
    see it, my only hope is that the recent elections are telling and the
    Afghans will learn to love democracy and will fight to the end for it,
    because that is what will destroy the Taliban and Al Qaeda, not bombs or
    military force, we can severely cripple them, but only when the people
    stand against them will they fall, only time will tell…

  • Shawn Fox says:

    Pretty good graphics. . .

  • Jeremiah Mendez says:

    The sound of the M249 SAW is a scary sound

  • BloodstainedSinner says:

    Damn, that little compound they set up in looks it was hammered by mortars.
    Anyway, you sure those are Marines? They look like they’re wearing
    multi-cam. Isn’t that shit being issued too the Army now? I know for sure
    the Corps is still using MARPAT, as it’s proving more effective than any
    other camo currently.

  • mongojr100 says:

    I’d never survive in there. I’d probably be the first to die.

  • Matt Brozie says:

    Shut the fuck up. You have no idea what you’re talking about. In that
    situation you’d cry for your mother, and take a run for it, as would I.
    Playing CoD doesn’t give you tactical knowledge.

  • Surefire346 says:

    I’ve never had a issue with pmags

  • fritzlanda andre says:

    the man with the camera on his head, u can actualy hear he scared cuzin
    his voice and how hes talking

  • A Lone Patriot says:

    Those guys look like soldiers from their cammies, not Marines. Unless my
    eyes have gotten worse.

  • Foster Gonzalez says:

    Sergeant Johnny must be either civilian or Air Force (same thing), because
    not even a soldier nor Marine would mix up uniforms and lingo.

  • DJ Macmillan says:

    those were U.S Army soldiers wearing Multi-Cam ACU’s 

  • Javiar Menjara says:

    Those enemy afghans are gonna get noscoped

  • raymond abel says:

    Big mouth is going to “friendly fire” somebody…I think he is showing off
    for his camera…I guess he is in charge?

  • DaveBinAZ says:

    I wonder how effective the 5.56 is in that region. Looks like they could’ve
    used a couple bolt guns w/ glass. 

  • Speng Bab says:

    This is the Army, Sergeant Johnny you’re an idiot.

  • Stanger182 says:

    Going through a lot of lead. How many contacts were actually made here?

  • xLurycz says:

    Marines don’t wear multicam…

  • Kriz Dollete says:

    What the hell are they still in Afghanistan? Bin Laden’s dead right? 

  • Calin Borca says:

    Sarge walking around like he’s out to get a drink. lol Some people on here
    playing to much COD. You don’t wait to engage the enemy at 50′. 

  • Marv Chomer says:

    Holy shit 5:29 he does it again! Tries to clear a jam or something while
    aiming his rifle at another guy!

  • kingBPP1947 says:

    “FUCK P-MAGS” haha.

  • steelmesh says:

    6:30 the guy in the front passenger seat has had his finger on the trigger
    the whole trip, he’s an idiot and hope they crash and he shoots the artery
    in is leg and bleeds out.

  • Are you retarded? says:

    +Carl Holt, the loving Afghani people you speak of are the same who throw
    battery acid in womens faces and stone women to death for insignificant
    reasons ,mutilate female childrens genitals and behead those who offend
    their Muslim sensibilities. So to you…Its better to keep your mouth
    shut,and let everyone think you are an idiot than it is to open your mouth
    and prove them right.Good day

  • TheNormOne says:

    Terrorists and shifty motherfuckers I wouldn’t turn my back on. Good job
    America, you pay real terrorists to fight ones you made yourselves.

  • Hisham Abdalla says:

    never seen an AK fitted with M4 stock…nice!!

  • Oliver Phelan says:

    Quote (8 mins) “The Soviets had 100,000 in Afghanistan ……the country
    tore itself apart” .

    Afghanistan never tore itself apart .
    We took TURNS tearing IT apart .

    There was an RAF statement in (i fink) 2003 , that “there were NO more
    viable targets left to bomb” .

    So they continued bombing anyway , because a set number of sorties were
    demanded each day .
    So , they bombed WATER-TOWERS .
    And HERDS of SHEEP .

    ( “afghanistan tore itself apart” ….. “.first casualty in war is truth

  • DinoHunter56 says:

    If any of you are think of becoming PMC’s do NOT i repeat do NOT join an
    American company. Go British, 

  • Paul Kersey says:

    While their wives are screwing someone else back home….idiots…only
    soldiers are the respected fighting men, these are just business men

  • Matt TheStrat says:

    When was this filmed? If this was filmed in 2013, then the Guy from Zim was
    12 when the Grey Scouts disbanded… someone is talking crap about his

  • Alekpowah says:

    amateur cowboys the whole lot

  • nomad nimoi says:

    just one more haha remember old uncle HO, Ho chi minh?? the farther of the
    Vietnamese resistance towards US intervention in Vietnam?? he actually
    started off as an ally to the US “S.A.R-search and rescue” of downed Allied
    pilots during WWII he fought the Japs and french for independence in
    Vietnam………..trained, equipped, by the US. funny old world isn’t it.
    befor you all jump on the same bandwagon!! i have the deepest respect for
    Nam Vets, boots on the ground don’t make policy, don’t shake a Vets hand!
    Buy them a beer, have a drink with em and remind them they made it home and
    say a prayer for their brothers left behind. (for those who have know
    faraway shores, and seen their friends fall, we will always remember you
    one and all, you shall never be forgotten) 

  • nomad nimoi says:

    lets do the list!! al qaeda, born during the USSR invasion of afghanistan,
    supported by both the CIA and US cenet “hi wilson”. Cameaire rouge born out
    of the US invasion in to Cambodia under Nixon during the late 60s early
    70s……COCAINE from south america “yes folks it was the CIA that made the
    80s”…..Beirut and the sale of arms to both sides “the USSR actually
    killed the hostage takers that took 4 agents and dumped 1 outside the
    stadium” however the US and BRITISH armed and bombed both sides during the
    height of the problems……need i go on ?? 

  • Thorsten Schäfer says:

    Right from the beginning, “Never before have mercenaries been so highly
    prized.” Do they know that in some past wars mercenaries have made up
    sometimes up to 50% or even more of the “boots on the ground” so to speak.
    The British used the Hessian troops during the American Revolution with
    some battles where the number of Hessian outnumbered the British at the


    those pathetic fucks need to lose at least 30 pounds before i would hire

  • Bman Chu says:

    Crime: being an asshole: GUILTY. I sentence you to 5 years motherfucker.

  • Vishnu Mahant says:

    Guns for hire are almost always bad for people. They are used to exploit
    smaller county’s resources in Africa, Middle East and South America. They
    are nothing but bunch of goons even when we, the Americans, support them!


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